6 Free Vintage Posters to Decorate For Spring

free vintage posters for spring

Have you noticed that spring is here? After dull winter season I always feel like bringing home some spring colors to my home.  And if they come from vintage sources even better! While studying in university I’ve employed some skills to search every possible source for historical material. Digital archives with open content became my besties (I might have lost some contact with living persons in the process). Anyway. Today I was browsing trough Getty resources and picked up some vintage poster prints to greet spring. These are all public domain so can be used without any restrictions. Hooray!

So why don’t you just link to the site and I will download from there?

Good question. However, the collection is huge and available scans are definitely not printer friendly. What I did is prepared those huge files to be printed. That means cropping unnecessary details, resizing, making some tonal adjustments and saving as .pdf file. The optimal vintage poster printing size is A4 or US letter (300 dpi). Any larger print means poor quality, but you can play around with smaller prints to create your own postcards, scrapping materials etc.

Just download those vintage poster beauties, print them out, frame and refresh your living room or just pin over your desk for some vintage springspiration!


free vintage poster spring free vintage poster spring free vintage poster spring free vintage poster spring

free vintage poster spring


Have you picked your favorite? Would you like to download more free vintage prints or buy special themed packs at my Etsy store? Share your thoughts in comments section I would love to hear from you!


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