DIY Hanging Planter Upcycled from Baking Tin

I love plants but so does my cat. Once I left my yucca on windowsill only to find a tuft of nibbled leaves sticking out next morning. Not to mention scratched out seedlings and such.  I can only leave mint and lemongrass safely cause Jaques the nasty cat hates their smell.  Everything else must be put in unreachable places. But plants also require natural light, right? So the best way is to hang them near windows. Luckily today I came up with a quick solution – DIY hanging planter made from metal baking tin. If you’re with me, follow along and start with

Materials and Tools

DIY hanging planter upcycled from baking tin

  • Metal baking tin also known as loaf pan. Buy some cheap new (got mine for less than 2$) reuse old one or head over to thrift store.

  • 4 large beads with wide holes. I used wooden ones from thrifted necklace.

  • Twine. Check out gardening section at store for cheapest option and make sure that it will fit trough your beads.

  • Awl or other sharp object for piercing tin.

  • Crochet hook.

  • Scissors.

  • Toilet cleaner gel if using brand new tin.

DIY hanging planter upcycled from baking tin

The first thing that you have to do is making some holes. Use awl or other sharp object to pierce the tin. Make four holes – one in each corner. Also make sure that they are wide enough to fit twine easily but not too wide for the bead to fall into it.

DIY hanging planter upcycled from baking tin

Now if you’re using a brand new cheap shiny tin you might want to add some vintage look to it. To do that simply cover the surface with any toilet cleaner gel you have at home and leave it for some time.This is actually that rare moment where the harsher the chemicals the better. I also sprayed plain white vinegar on top to strengthen the effect. After an hour or so rinse all those nasty liquids and dry the tin.


DIY hanging planter upcycled from baking tin

As you can see it looks like this tin been laying around for a few years before reincarnating into DIY hanging planter. To strengthen the effect even more you can brush the tin surface with sanding paper before covering with toilet cleaner. If you started with authentic aged tin you can skip this step altogether and move forward.

DIY hanging planter upcycled from baking tin

Now take your twine and hook. Crochet a string of simple chain stitches. Measure the length you want. I counted 120 stitches being appropriate for my planter to hang.  Leave at least 3 inches of twine at both ends for making knots and securing beads.

DIY hanging planter upcycled from baking tin

If you have no idea how to use a crochet hook don’t worry. You might as well use plain strings of twine or simply braid them by hand. As long as you have two pieces of string of the same length you’re fine! You might also do this step while you’re waiting for that toilet cleaner to age the tin.

DIY hanging planter upcycled from baking tin

Now take one end of the string and put it trough the hole from the inside. Put the twine trough one of the beads and secure in place with triple knots. Cut the loose end at desired length. I decided to leave it as it is for that i-made-this-in-five-minutes-caught-in-inspiration-without-even-planning touch. Although I did planned and imagined this project for several nights already. Oh sweet lies.

DIY hanging planter upcycled from baking tin

Repeat the latter step on all four holes and you’re basically done! Now your DIY hanging planter is only waiting to be hanged and filled with plants. You can see that the interior doesn’t look so nice, but I didn’t even try to cover it evenly with toilet cleaner or vinegar. I’m far from being perfectionist but you can definitely try to do it more properly.

DIY hanging planter upcycled from baking tin

One way to hang this planter is to gather the strings on some metal ring like I did here. You can see that my plants are not in the best condition but I’m working on it so please don’t judge 🙂

DIY hanging planter upcycled from baking tin

Another is to hang strings separately on some kind of rod like I did for this planter in my kitchen. This one is also spray painted rather than aged cause it fitted my interior more nicely. Not that I have any particular interior in my rental apartment’s tiny kitchen except for white cabinets, planters and windowsill. Oh well, I like to dream a lot.


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DIY hanging planter upcycled from baking tin

Will you be making this DIY hanging planter? Or maybe you already have one? Let me know in the comments section below! Also don’t forget to share what you make using #polkacrafts on Instagram. I love to leave nice comments!

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  1. Bruce Hardenberg says:

    Really cute, question, I don’t remember seeing a loaf pan with all those holes in the bottom? Are they necessary for drainage?
    Bruce in Florida.

    1. Hey Bruce! It works more like a plant holder rather than planter so you don’t need holes. I wouldn’t want all that water to drip on floor so the idea is to put some plastic pots with holes and pan is like a tray so the plants can be easily rearranged. If you wish to use it as planter add some gravel at the bottom for drainage and you wont need any holes.

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