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Taking off with polka crafts

Can you spend hours scrolling through Pinterest and marking all the amazing DIY ideas? Do you often feel overwhelmed after initial excitement when you realize that wire wrapped bracelet requires more skills and time than you have? Or disappointed finding out that handmade cake stand costs you more in materials than better looking one in store? If you’re nodding your head right now then it means were from the same boat. My name is Sarune and hopefully we will become crafting buddies.

What is this blog about?

I started Polka Crafts as a place for creative DIY’s early 2017 and it’s my first step ever in blogging universe. I’m still learning every day  and love to share things as I discover them. If you prefer making or revamping things – from home décor to jewelry – rather than buying them, and you don’t have patience to stick with one project for whole month, you’ll feel right at home here. If you enjoy trips to thrift stores on sale days I guess we’re nothing less than soulmates. This blog is dedicated to various DIY projects, original tutorials created by me as well as creative inspirations available around the net and my physical surroundings. I’m also managing Polka Crafts Etsy shop where you can find digital resources for your own crafts. I invite you to have a look around!

diy polka craftas introduction


For some time I pursued academic career in History. But soon I realized it is too stressing for me as I always had to follow strict rules, deadlines and do as my professor tells. So I decided to take things in my own hands and created this blog as a statement of independence and proof that you can live doing what you really love (that sounds really cool, don’t you think?). However, my historian agenda is still here and manifests in love of everything old. So many of the projects here are inspired by vintage style as well as nature. I prefer simple, natural and fresh designs.

Currently I live in Vilnius, beautiful capital of Lithuania, with my beloved boyfriend and sweetest little predator Jaques the cat.

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