DIY Stud Earrings from Vintage Buttons

diy button stud earrings

Hey fellows! I love earrings. I don’t like to accessorize myself from top to bottom but I never leave home without earrings. Not the ones that dangle around like Christmas tree ornaments but firm and minimalistic stud earrings. They make me feel beautiful and comfortable at the same moment. If you are like me you know that there are never enough of earrings. So I came up with a project to supplement your jewelry box with nice little vintage style stud earrings, which are easy, cheap and quick to make. If you are as excited as I am, let’s move forward! (psst.. I included some affiliate links to help you find required products and by purchasing you are keeping this blog alive)

Gather your materials and tools

diy stud earrings vintage buttons

·         Strong glue (invest in better one, I used cheap alternatives and buttons came off while wearing)

·         Whetstone (I‘m sure you can find one in your boyfriend‘s/dad‘s/grandpa‘s toolbox)

·         Cutting pliers

·         Blank earring stud posts

·         Pair of vintage buttons


diy stud earrings vintage buttons diy stud earrings vintage buttons

Start by removing “eyepins” from the back of the buttons by cutting them of with pliers. Try to get as close to base as possible. You will need more strength with metal buttons but don’t be afraid, if I did it, you can too. Also be prepared for the little pieces you cut off to shoot all around the room.

 diy stud earrings vintage buttons

Now it’s time to use that whetstone. Rub the back of button to the surface of whetstone until button becomes flat and smooth. Don’t worry if some of the paint will rub away during this process, it will be covered up eventually.

Squeeze a drop of glue to the center of your ex-button’s back and press down the earring post.

 diy stud earrings vintage buttons

Let it dry completely. Different glue takes different time so read the instructions. If you have some thug cats like I do make sure you leave your precious earrings in a safe place.

 diy stud earrings vintage buttons

It’s done

Tada-a! You’re ready to go and receive a load of compliments! Or maybe surprise your friend with a little present? I like to make a bunch of earrings at the same time and usually you will have more than two buttons of the same kind. Buy a bulk of blank earring posts to save some bucks and make earrings for every outfit. It’s just so easy and your possibilities are endless. Different kinds of buttons are never going to end, right? I like to hunt mine at thrift stores, just look for cheap clothing with nice buttons. Also my mother has a nice wooden box full of buttons since she’s a real stuff-keeper just like me.

 diy stud earrings vintage buttons

Where do you hunt for buttons? Are you ready to make your own earrings? Share your results with me in the comments section. I’m eager to see what you come up with!


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