DIY Twin Peaks Coasters with Free Printable Transfers

Hey folks! How are you doing? I know, today is international women’s day and you probably hope for some floral handmade gift project. Well, I have bad news. I’m not into floral projects today. But I am into Twin Peaks. Always. I watched this wonderful, magical, mysterious, sad and funny TV show numerous times and even ordered a book recently (finished it in three days and got totally excited for new season). I’m also currently experimenting with different picture transfer techniques. You might already suspect where I’m getting at. Yes, I played around with graphics and created some printable templates with memorable quotes from Twin Peaks to print and transfer on cork coasters! And it is what it seems (if you know what I mean) – it’s free! So grab your free .pdf file and let’s go!

Gather your materials and tools

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  • Transfer medium glaze (Mod Podge is most popular but there are also other alternatives)
  • Blank cork coasters (10 cm/4 inches)
  • Brush
  • Good old H2o (tap water will work just fine)
  • Toothbrush
  • Scissors
  • Printed designs on regular print paper (if you are using your own designs don’t forget that text has to be mirrored)
  • Varnish (I used water based acrylic matte, something like this)

Start by cutting out those printed circles with weird mirrored text (relates to the black lodge both wonderfuly and strange don’t you think?)

Cover your blank cork coaster with transfer medium.

Apply several layers and avoid leaving thick brush strokes.

Press your cut outs printed face down. Then press even more, using a stack of books, heavy pot, stone etc. Be careful and don’t let wet uncovered glaze touch the pressing surface. It will stick and you will have hard time removing it without tearing the cork (I learned it the hard way). Leave overnight to dry.

So it’s next day and you’re ready to continue. Take your paper covered coasters, a toothbrush and small bowl with water. Now dip your toothbrush in water and start rubbing paper as gently as you can. Use circular movements to rub away all that unnecessary paper. Be extremely careful when you start to see print cause it can easily come off at this point. If it happens use some black acrylic paint and small brush to fix those failed spots.

Once you’re finished, wait for the water to completely dry and coat your coaster with glaze using brush. This will help protect the final piece as well as well as give it a nice final varnish.

Dry it overnight and enjoy a cup of black Joe the next morning! Imagine detective Dale Cooper sharing some tasty donut with you. Or maybe dance with a small man from another place while dreaming giant? Just look out for the owls 🙂

By the way, I just love this Audrey Horne inspired playlist on Spotify! Isn’t it too dreamy? Welcome to Twin Peaks folks!

I also gathered a premium pack with even more printable transfers at my Etsy shop. Ad free and print friendly step by step tutorial is also included. Check it out!

Twin Peaks coasters premium preview Twin Peaks coasters premium preview

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